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CPI celebrates another 185 graduates!

On Dec. 14, 185 students received official grade completion certificates, doubling our graduates in just a year.

Thanks to our Computer-Assisted Learning (CAL) program, Canadian Peacemakers International is making a real impact in Honduran villages. In just three years since we've started the program, we've helped more than 400 junior high grade completions recognized by the Honduran government. And the program is still growing: current enrolment in 15 communities is 450 students!

With just four staff members —two teachers and two technicians – our CAL program reduces schooling costs by nearly 90 per cent, an economical model in the developing world.


CPI turns donated computers into miniature schools. Each computer has junior high curriculum, a digital library of over 300 titles, along with a reference library. Since we've begun, we've added elementary school curriculum and high school equivalency to enable illiterate adults to read and write.


In the future, CPI will be partnering with Memory Express – a western Canadian computer retail chain – to accept computer donations to expand the program.


By 2018, we hope to expand throughout Honduras, partnering with other organizations to bring education to those who can't afford it.


The UN’s Millennium Development Goals aim at having 70 per cent of all 15-year-olds pass Grade 9 by 2015. While that goal might not be attainable, we think CAL could get them there by 2020.

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