CPI to build a new village in 2013!

Thanks to a new partnership with Habitat for Humanity (in Edmonton and Honduras), CPI is building a new 12-family village in 2013, modelled on the one built in 2010.

This is a new model for Habitat for Humanity, enabling peasants to get land, a home and the income to pay for both.
Habitat for Humanity provides homes to needy families, who repay the costs through a mortgage. Since most Honduran peasants can't afford a small mortgage, CPI has added another step: an income.


Each family in the village joins a cooperative. The mortgage is paid through crops they grow on shared land. Each family also gets a house and their own land to grow food for their own family. Many families can even grow enough for a supplementary income.


At the the first village built by CPI, the Colonia Amor y Esparanza, food production has already increased tenfold. Mortgage installments are paid through crops of 40,000 pineapples.

Once the mortgages are paid, the money goes into a fund to pay for a new village.


CPI will provide the land, management and long term project support. Habitat for Humanity Edmonton will finance the homes. The Honduran chapter of Habitat for Humanity will help build the homes.

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