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Filling a Shipping Container for Honduras

Bicycles, sewing, machines, computers, tools and other items are being collected for use in CPI’s computer-assisted learning and vocational training programs in Honduras..They will be shipped to the town of Santa Cruz de Yojoa in a 40-ft. container, which itself will be converted into an instructional facility for the repair of moto-taxis, motorcycles, and bicycles. A course in sewing instruction will also be offered in the existing CPI school.

Due to the generosity of individual, institutional, and corporate donors, the inventory of items includes, to date:

100+ computers moto-taxi repair tools and equipment

100+ bicycles, most needing servicing 2 motorcycles (175 cc and 450 cc)

welding equipment 100+ quilts

28 sewing machines 40 kg of sewing supplies

3 cu. m. of clothing and shoes office equipment

All of the sewing machines and bicycles will be inspected and serviced before being shipped.

Thank you to all of our donors; in particular, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, The King's University, Rosebud Community Enhancement Society, Tofield Community Church Sewing Club, Country Register (Alberta).

For more information or to donate, contact Harold at


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