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  • In 2010 CPI purchased 9 ha (23 acres) of land.

  • 11 landless families, most of which were extremely poor, were selected according to criteria used by Habitat for Humanity.

  • The land was subdivided into lots for houses, plots owned by individual families to grow crops for themselves and for sale, communally owned land for growing cash crops to be used for paying off the mortgages on houses and land, and a lot for recreation and a community centre.

  • The families cleared the land of scrub and built 11 houses over the course of a year.

  • Each family signed a 15-year mortgage and together they signed a 15-year collective mortgage.

  • After the houses were completed, they were allocated by lot to the families.

  • The communal land was planted with 70,000 pineapple plants. The pineapple crop was sold on the open market and the revenue used to pay down the mortgage for all the families.

  • Table vegetables and other crops grown on the individual plots yielded produce for sale.

  • A community centre was built in 2014.

  • As of 2019 the village is flourishing as families grow gardens and fruit trees and upgrade their houses. They also have money to buy refrigerators and furniture and to obtain medical and dental services.

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