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Update on CAL During the Pandemic

The Director of Computer-Assisted Learning for CPI's Honduran affiliate (ACH), Yeni Cristabel Lopez Tovar, participates in frequent, virtual meetings with the municipal Director of Education to learn about and then implement different activities with the students enrolled in the CAL program. She reports weekly to the Secretary of Education. Ms. Lopez Tovar and her staff at the main school in Santa Cruz de Yojoa, along with the coordinators and facilitators of the satellite schools have had to change the way in which the CAL program is delivered so that students can complete the school year by working at home. Students who do not have access to a cell phone, television, or internet are lent computers and Chromebooks. Depending on their circumstances, students are monitored by phone, visit their schools if they live nearby, or are visited by staff members if they reside in the more remote villages and find it difficult to travel. Staff review the students’ assignments and give them worksheets to be done at home. They are always careful to take appropriate safety precautions. Below, a facilitator at the Centro de San Nicolas satellite school in Copan checks the work of two students.

A facilitator at the Centro de San Nicolas satellite school in Copan checking the work of two students.

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